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Tuesday, July 8, 2008
result of chaang pt?
For syphors girls....

target from chaang pt?

capture that look
5:17 AM

Wednesday, July 2, 2008
an established team from taiwan, monsters are coming down to s'pore to organise
a cheerleading workshop. (they have represented taiwan in the international competition before.)
since their tickets is paid for by us, each will have to bring an amt of 50 bucks
there's limited no. of participants (200) and their invitation is spread over to any team, from open teams to sec schools.
date: 26 and 27th july
time: morning till 6-ish in the evening
venue: potong pasir

this is not a school event and we can participate as yeah this is just a brief info about the workshop and those who are intersted please contact ah teck for me?

okay!next would be:
ahh teck suggested a second gathering,
date: any day from tmr till sunday this week
time: you guys tell me when you're free.

its just an outing for fun and ahh teck can brief us abt the workshop and settle
everything else as well (maybe outside training with spectrum etc.)
yepp yepp.

yeah, that's all=D toodles!


capture that look
8:40 AM