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Saturday, June 14, 2008
okay!here are the pics from ytd bbq =D

defrosting crab sticks, sausages and preparing sambal seafood

starting the bbq pit

peiyun =DD

its hard to take unglam photos of ah teck -.-

pei yun!i like this shot =D

delicious foood =D

crazy nic cCx

it's supposedly a handcuff design bracelet

ah teck rocks at taking pics outta the blueee

liptat's saying "mmm!its good!" xD


vivian enjoying her beehoon =D

ah teck and py!

emoing not


more of ah teck's random shots xD

think we were playing murderer

tricia still busy with the foood

see?! supposedly an unglam shot -.- i give up


group pics!

tricia's tired i guess cC=

our bases are freak strong! =D

some random stunt i guess xD

i think they look cute hanging xD

getting ready for shoulder sit shot =D

packing up!

i didn't dare to let go cC=

they are good at this!

heel stretch!connie's legs are long o.o

and she's strong! =D

vivian our strong captain!=D


okay!done =D some pics are not uploaded though if you want them tell me =D


capture that look
5:18 AM