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Wednesday, October 3, 2007
hey people!!
i'm having a Birthday party on 20/oct, saturday
@ my house...timing not confirm yet but should be around evening time
its will most likely be a bbq sort of thing
so i am inviting ALL OF U to come =))))
please msg me or smth if u are interested ok??
thanks =))) hope to see all of u there...


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11:52 AM

Tuesday, October 2, 2007
hey SYPHORS !!!
its been ages since we got together.
Mugging for all the exams and all. We can now RELAX !!!
And what better way to do so than to hang out with your CHEERMATES ??

How does a barbeque at Sarah's condo (hazelpark) sounds?
She has agreed to pay for the function hall or smth like that.
People from the welfare committee can also think of some team bonding games and at the same time we can celebrate the september and october babies' birthdays ((:

EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US must turn up kay!!! den we can all play tgt. lols.
But, if Sarah's house dsnt sound fun (=P) den please pour in suggestions as to when, where and how we can have a team bonding session ((:

Take initiative to get this together kay? This will be a gathering of SYPHORS before training begins (ard nxt week mayb??) whereby we can enjoy ourselves and bond even more closer so that the upcoming harsh trainings with CHAANG will be more tolerable ((:

Cant wait to see all of us together again !! ((:


capture that look
4:42 AM